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By creating creative products, we help companies
communicate to their clients or viewers in a more
human and creative way.
We do this by producing visuel contents.

Ude Af Fokus is a digital creative agency

We specializes in visual digital strategies. We help our customers by making them better at using digital media, such as video, in their daily business, communication and marketing. We develop strategies, which ensure the best results. These strategies include a focus on branding, marketing and optimization of communication.

Ude Af Fokus has extensive knowledge of recent trends within the world of digital communication. We can connect this knowledge and our joint Analysis of your company, by using Ude Af Fokus’ creative craftsmanship, to develop an exclusive plan for a campaign or a strategy. We know that we can make a tremendous difference for our customers. If you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our graphic design tasks are taken cared off by WBLI creative agency. To learn more about WBLI, please click here.

We’re giving two free hours of brainstorming on a video project

If you’re unsure on whether or not Ude af fokus is the right choice for a video project, we would like to invite you to have coffee with us while we brainstorm on the project. 

Ude af Fokus is the video producer for

Creative Mornings Copenhagen

Why are videos everywhere in our daily lives?

watch the video to find out

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